IYCPOP - Watermelon & Rosewater Martini

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IYCPOP are premium alcohol- infused ice popsicles made of real fresh fruit, no preservatives, no artificial flavours and no artificial colours. 
Each pop is not more than 1.15% ABV.
A real favourite for weddings, corporate events, hen parties, engagement parties etc.
IYCPOP are premium alcohol infused ice popsicles made in Australia. Launched in Summer 2016, IYC was determined to combine classic cocktails with the accessibility of a popsicle in a bid to provide a new and playful form of drinking. With four specially-crafted flavours: the Summer Pear and Elderflower Mojito, Watermelon and Rosewater Martini, White Peach and Lychee Bellini, and Black Cherry Amaretto Sour, IYC POP invites you to indulge in the nostalgia of a classic summer treat, the popsicle, while enjoying  the flavours of your favourite cocktail. Using only premium alcohol, real fresh fruits and natural ingredients, IYC POP sets itself the highest standard of quality for its products. And with no more than 1.15% ABV per pop we hope to redefine 'drinking' whereby you can enjoy the flavours of your favourite cocktail without a hangover the next morning.
Watermelon & Rosewater Martini
66 Calories
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